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Bodger – Back Home In 5 Days

Bodger -hyped of hyperthyroidism with radio-iodine

We first became aware that Bodger was hyperthyroid following a visit to our local vet, for a investigation into his teeth, as we had noticed that he was losing weight and thought that he may have been off his food due to tooth ache. Our vets took blood samples and the results indicated that Bodger was in fact hyperthyroid.

Our vet explained that there were two options available to us, a) medication, or b) surgery. Clearly our initial reaction was to try the medication route. Unfortunately, Bodger turned out to be one of the 5% of cats who had a bad reaction to the medication, suffering weeping facial sores. This treatment was stopped within days of it starting.  A thyroid diet was therefore suggested, which we tried. Bodger didn’t seem to like the special food much at all, and his symptoms worsened (grumbling stomach, sickness, loose stools and whining throughout the night). He lost a lot of weight in quite a short space of time, and by late September we were wondering whether he would see Christmas. The option of surgery suggested by our vet, had never appealed to us, as this came with its own risks, and we had decided that we would not pursue this treatment route.

As a last resort, we did some internet research, and came across Andrew Bodey and the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre (HCC) website. We found the website very informative and ‘friendly’. We sent an enquiry via the website, and received a prompt and detailed reply, followed by a number of phone calls from Andrew on an evening when we were home from work.

Andrew gave us a new option, not mentioned by our vet (nor or in fact two other local vets that we spoke with), of the radio iodine injection, requiring no surgery, and with virtually guaranteed results. This was great news for us, and for Bodger.

Andrew offered to talk to our vet, to arrange for the necessary blood samples to be taken and submitted to his preferred labs for analysis. This made our life so much easier, as everybody concerned knew exactly what they needed to do. Within a week of the blood samples being taken, Bodger was on his way for treatment.

Bodger is a very nervous and shy cat, and, having never been away from home, gave us significant concerns about how he would cope with being left in strange surroundings with strangers. We were advised on how to help Bodger with his stay, but taking familiar items etc. and all of the staff at the HCC were absolutely excellent with looking after both Bodger and us.

Andrew took the time to explain to us, every step of the process in clear, simple terms, so that we were 100% clear on what would happen while Bodger was in the Centre. Throughout his stay, we received at least one phone call every day (usually two), from the Centre letting us know how he was doing, even just to let us know that he was eating and going to the toilet, which really set us at ease.

We were over the moon to receive a call from Andrew after 5 days, letting us know that new blood tests had proven that Bodgers thyroid function had dropped to ‘normal’ levels, and that we could collect him. He was cured, and we were delighted.

Upon his return home, the hardest part was keeping him in a separate room. Bodger could now have his favourite food, and has quickly regained weight and a healthy, glossy coat. His stomach no longer gurgles, and his toilet functions have returned to normal.

Before discovering the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre, we didn’t think Bodger would survive until Christmas. This treatment has without doubt saved his life, and we look forward to many years ahead. We would like to thank Andrew and all of the lovely, caring staff at the Centre for this treatment and the top quality service that they provide. We would not hesitate to recommend the HCC to anybody in a similar situation.


Before discovering the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre, we didn’t think Bodger would survive until Christmas. This treatment has without doubt saved his life.

Bodger and Family